Scott Minerd Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Scott Minerd is the chief investment officer for Guggenheim Partners, a crypto-currency company. He also works as part of the Investor Advisory Committee for the New York Federal Reserve Bank.

Additionally, Minerd is a member of the World Economic Forum, providing advice on the infrastructure of the private sector. He has a net worth of $325 million.

NameByron Scott Minerd (Scott Minerd)
Date of Birth:March 23rd, 1959 (63 years old)
Place of Birth:Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania
Height:5 feet 8 inches (1.72 meters)
Profession:Investment officer, Investor Advisory Committee member
Marital Status:Married
Parents:Byron Kendall Minerd (father), Carol Mitchell Minerd (mother)
Net Worth Estimate:$325 million

Net Worth

An exact figure of Minerd’s net worth is not known. However, it is speculated to be around $325 million.

Most of Minerd’s earnings have come from his work with numerous investment and banking companies. These have included Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse.

A large part of Minerd’s net worth comes from Guggenheim Partners. Minerd is one of the founding members of this company. It has approximately $325 billion in assets, although it is unclear how much of these belong to Minerd.

Another contributing factor to Minerd’s net worth is his real estate properties. He purchased a set of penthouse apartments in 2021 for nearly $13 million.


In 2000, Minerd founded his own company, Guggenheim Partners, along with other members of the Guggenheim family. The company specialises in financial services, including insurance, investment banking, and managing assets. 

Minerd is one of the eight founding members of the company and currently works as the Chief Investment Officer. This position involves managing the company’s assets on a global level. The company was valued at having $325 billion in assets.

The majority of Guggenheim’s clients work within the insurance field. In 2016, most of the company’s policy sizes were approximately $60,000, or $70,725 adjusted for inflation.

The company has locations in 22 cities across America, Europe and. Asia. It employs approximately 2500 staff members as of 2016.


Minerd began working in the field of economics with PriceWaterhouse. In this role, Minerd was tasked with analysing financial statements from multiple companies.

This position was poorly paid at $15,000 annually for 80 hours a week. So, Minerd focused his efforts on Wall Street.

Then, Minerd began working for Merrill Lynch as a bond trader. His salary was approximately $199,088 in this position.

After this, Minerd began working for Morgan Stanley in their European division. He was a Capital Markets Products Trading and Risk Manager for the division based in London.

This involved managing products across various Asian markets and several currencies from Europe. It is unclear what Minerd’s exact salary was during this position. 

Later, Minerd began working for Credit Suisse First Boston.

He worked here as a Managing Director and was involved with business units. Minerd’s primary goal was trading these units, such as sovereign debt, derivatives securities, and corporate bonds. He earned approximately $400,000 per year from this position. 

Minerd continued to work at Credit Suisse and eventually became the Head of Fixed Income at a global level. Minerd’s salary was around $300,000 to $500,000 in this position. 

Minerd briefly retired from 1996 to 1999 before founding Guggenheim Partners with the Guggenheim family. He currently works as the Chief Investment Officer for this company. It is unclear how much Minerd’s salary is for this company, although he is likely given a portion of the assets, too.

Additionally, Minerd began working for the New York City branch of the Federal Reserve Bank. 

Minerd works as a member of the Investor Advisory Committee on Financial Markets. He also works in similar advisory positions for the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development and the World Economic Forum.

However, his exact salary here is unknown.

Minerd has made several appearances in the media for organisations like CNBC, Bloomberg, the Financial Times, and the Wall Street Journal.

During these appearances, Minerd is paid to give his thoughts and forecast the current financial situation. It is unclear how much he is paid for these appearances.

Real Estate

Minerd has previously spoken about owning beachfront property in Los Angeles. He bought this when he was 37, although it is unclear how much the price was then.

He has mentioned that it was around 2,200 square feet. Currently, beachfront properties in Los Angeles sell for a minimum of $1.05 million.

In 2021, Minerd moved to South Florida. He bought two penthouse apartments in Miami. These are located at Biscayne Beach in Edgewater.

Minerd paid approximately $12.5 million for the apartment and aimed to join the units. The penthouses feature eleven bedrooms, twelve parking spaces, two swimming pools, twelve bathrooms, and two elevator landings.

Minerd aims to turn both units into a single penthouse, approximately 22,547 square feet. 16,312 of these square feet will be the interior, while Minerd will devote the rest to the terraces. In total, Minerd paid approximately $864 per square foot.

Early life 

Minerd was born on March 23rd, 1959, to his mother, Carol Mitchell Minerd, and father, Byron Kendall Minerd. Minerd’s father was a member of the US Army and previously served in the Korean War.

When Minerd was born, Byron started his own company, Minerd Insurance Incorporation. Byron worked as an independent insurance agent for this organisation. 

Minerd attended the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, although his grades are unclear. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science in economics. 

Later, Minerd attended the Graduate School of Business at the University of Graduate. He worked in the field of econometrics and completed his graduate work here. 


Minerd’s first job was for PriceWaterhouse, which allowed him to become a CPA or Certified Public Accountant. However, Minerd expressed how little he enjoyed the long work hours and low pay.

After seeing his classmates from Wharton succeed on Wall Street, Minerd decided to focus his attention here.

Minerd then began working for Merrill Lynch as a bond trader. This position helped Minerd to understand how to utilise his knowledge of economics by applying it to real-life situations.

During the 1990s, Minerd started work at Morgan Stanley and ascended the ranks quickly. His last job here was as head of European Credit Trading.

He was one of the lead figures in avoiding the Italian Eurobond debt after the reunification of Germany. This helped the nation avoid crippling debt by requesting financial relief from the IMF.

Later, Minerd joined Credit Suisse as the Global Head of Fixed Income. 

He reported directly to Bob Diamond.

However, in the mid-1990s, Minerd decided to retire at 37. He planned to relocate to Los Angeles and live a more casual lifestyle.

During this retirement period, Minerd helped his friends with their financial projects. This included opening Liberty Hampshire in Chicago, which is a financial company. 

Minerd also created a new office in Ohiopyle, his hometown. However, Minerd grew bored and decided to venture back into economics. In 1999, Minerd had a meeting with the Guggenheim family. He became a founding member of Guggenheim Partners the following year.

Minerd became a member of the Federal Reserve Bank in its New York division. He works as part of the Investor Advisory Committee on Financial Markets and advises the New York Federal Bank’s President. He helps the organization understand how to avoid risk in the public and private spheres. 

Minerd holds a few other positions, such as contributing to the World Economic Forum and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. For both groups, Minerd advises on investment infrastructure in the private sector. He also advises on cryptocurrency.


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Career Highlights

  • Worked for PriceWaterhouse, disliked it
  • Began working for Merrill Lynch as a bond trader
  • During the 1990s, started with Morgan Stanley as head of European Credit Trading
  • Joined Credit Suisse as global Head of Fixed Income
  • In 2000, founded Guggenheim Partners with seven other members
  • Became Chief Investment Officer of Guggenheim Partners
  • Works in several advisory positions for New York Federal Bank, the World Economic Forum, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Personal Life

Minerd is a supporter of the Republican Party, although he has previously spoken about disagreeing with some of the more conservative viewpoints.

For example, Minerd supports the Green New Deal, income equality, and social safety nets such as Medicare for All.

Minerd is openly gay and is married to Eloy Mendez. Mendez is an actor with experience in theatre and movie production. It is unclear when the two married. The pair do not have any children together.

Interesting Facts

  • As part of his job in finance, Minerd has travelled the world. This has included Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and the United Arab Emirates – all in one year. However, Minerd claims that his favourite place to travel is his home in Los Angeles, located on the beachfront. 
  • Minerd is heavily involved in several non-profit groups, such as the Union Rescue Mission. Part of Minerd’s goal is to “work with [homeless people] on the issues in their lives that lead them to homelessness […] the goal is eventually get them to their own private space.”
  • Minerd is a big fan of art, and his favourite artist is Charles M. Schulz. 
  • Minerd is a devout Christian. He has previously stated that he starts and ends his day with prayer.
  • Minerd is a competitive bodybuilder and has spoken about how this has helped his career.

Bodybuilding and behavioral economics help Scott Minerd outperform at Guggenheim

— Bloomberg (@business) April 13, 2017


Scott Minerd is a founding member of Guggenheim Partners. Currently, he is the Chief Investment Officer for this company and holds several advisory positions for leading economic organizations. His net worth is approximately $325 million.

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