Salil Zaveri Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Salil Zaveri is an internet sales and marketing expert. He has worked in these fields for over 40 years and founded his own company.

It is named Zaveri Consulting LLC, and he is the CEO of this company. He also works as a consultant, specializing in insurance, sales, and fundraising. He currently lives in Puerto Rico.

NameSalil Zaveri
Date of Birth:June 14th, 1960 (62 years old)
Place of Birth:Mumbai, India
Height:5 feet 7 inches (1.7 meters)
Profession:Sales and marketing expert, insurance consulting
Marital Status:Divorced
Parents:Kala Zaveri (mother), father’s name unknown
Net Worth Estimate:$2 million

Net Worth

It is unknown exactly how much Zaveri is worth. However, as the CEO and founder of his own consulting company, his net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

He gained this figure primarily from his company and his work for MetLife and other insurance companies.


In 2016, Zaveri founded his own insurance company, ZaveriInsurance, and a consulting business called Zaveri Consulting.

He worked as the CEO and Sales and Marketing Specialist for this business. Zaveri hired a team of independent and fair brokers to help him.

Their main goal as insurance advisors is to help clients improve their insurance plans. Zaveri achieves this by reviewing his clients’ policies and advising them on ways to reduce premiums.

Almost two decades later, Zaveri moved to Puerto Rico and created Zaveri Consulting LLC. Shortly before the creation of Zaveri Consulting, Zaveri himself moved to Puerto Rico.

This move was prompted by the nature of Puerto Rico as a ‘tax haven,’ which saved Zaveri from costly fees. Puerto Rico is a hotspot for investment and low taxes because the government in this country tries to encourage investments.

A move like this would only benefit Zaveri if he had large capital or yearly income. So, we can deduce that Zaveri had a good amount of money when relocating, as his job with MetLife earned him around $150,00 per year.

In 2016, Zaveri created Zaveri Consulting in the United States after working in insurance and consulting for other businesses. When creating this company, Zaveri required an investment that was unlikely to be more than $100,000.

Zaveri Consulting aims to help clients maximize their profits, improve their revenues, and increase occupancy rates. One of the main ways that Zaveri does this is by approaching different markets, such as the cultural, corporate, and non-profit sectors.

Zaveri currently works as a CEO for Zaveri Consulting and ZaveriInsurance

Although his administration work is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, most of his business clients are in the United States. Zaveri currently resides in San Juan.

The company offers consulting services for companies, particularly those involved in insurance, fundraising, and sales. Most of Zaveri’s clients are interested in the insurance consulting services he offers.

Zaveri claims to offer his services to individuals in all industries and uses his skills to play to his clients’ strengths.

The company offers these services on a case-by-case basis, so it’s unclear how much he charges on average. However, the company does offer an initial free consultation. 

Zaveri Consulting LLC aims to help clients increase their sales and profits from products in various ways. The company also helps optimize insurance practices and assists with fundraising goals. Zaveri Consulting does not focus solely on business and helps achieve goals for any non-profit group.

Some of Zaveri Consulting’s key business practices include recovering lost clients.

He assists his clients with entering new markets for their business. Zaveri uses his marketing understanding to improve existing campaigns for his clients. He assists with closing high-value deals and reducing the cost of insurance premiums. 

On the employee side, Zaveri Consulting assists with retaining a strong workforce and improving the sales team. Zaveri Consulting creates seminars for business meetings and creates better relationships with customers.

Despite Zaveri being convicted of a crime in 2021, the company was not hugely affected. It’s unclear how much the incident affected Zaveri Consulting, but it doesn’t appear significant.


Similarly, the exact figure of Zaveri’s salary is unknown. However, due to an unfortunate incident in 2021, Zaveri was placed on bail.

The judge set the amount at $60,000, and Zaveri had few difficulties paying this fee off. So, we can estimate his monthly salary around this amount, if not slightly more.

Additionally, Zaveri’s tax status in Puerto Rico suggests that he has a sizable income. He moved to the territory under Act 22, also called the ‘Individual Investors Act.’ The Puerto Rican government created this law in 2012 to encourage investors to settle in the country.

Act 22 allows new Puerto Rican residents to avoid paying most federal income taxes. One of the few requirements is that candidates must live in Puerto Rico for at least six months a year.

A tax break like this would only benefit someone with a high salary, so we can estimate that he is wealthy. 

When working for Northwestern Mutual, Zaveri earned approximately $100,000 per year. Later, he joined MetLife as a Sales Representative, earning about $93,000 as a base salary, with a rough bonus of $60,000. 

Early life

Zaveri was born in Mumbai in Maharashtra, India, in 1960. He only lived here briefly, as his parents relocated to New York in 1969. A move like this would have been quite expensive, so we can assume that Zaveri’s parents were relatively wealthy then.

Before moving to the United States, Zaveri became fluent in his native language of Gujarati. He also has some experience with speaking Hindi.

Once he moved to New York, he became an American resident, along with his parents. He began studying at Windsor High School in Flushing, New York, in 1975.

However, for unknown reasons, he only attended 9th grade and partially for 10th grade at Windsor. In 1975, he joined Garden High School. He graduated in 1978 and became fluent in English.


Unlike most people his age, Zaveri did not attend college or university. Instead, after graduating high school, he began working for Northwestern Mutual as a Sales Agent. His main activities in this position involved recruitment and sales. 

This was also his first experience in the world of insurance business. Working for Northwestern Mutual gave Zaveri valuable experience, which he later used when creating his own company. Zaveri worked here for nine years and seven months.

Between 1987 and 1989, he spent some time furthering his business qualifications. In June 1989, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors granted him an Agent Management Training Council qualification.

During this period, Zaveri furthered his experience in insurance. 

He began working as a Sales Representative for MetLife in January 1988. His job role involved selling insurance packages, and he worked in this position for a year.

This gave him a valuable understanding of the insurance world, which Zaveri later used to create his businesses.

In January 1989, Zaveri was offered a promotion to General Manager, which he accepted. At the time, this was Zaveri’s highest-paid position.

This job involved recruiting and training sales representatives for MetLife. Once hired, he helped to develop their sales skills. Zaveri worked in this position until 1999.

During his time at MetLife, five other sales managers helped Zaveri create his own business. 

Career Highlights

  • Worked as Sales Agent for Northwestern Mutual from 1978 to 1987
  • Worked as Sales Representative for MetLife during 1988
  • Promoted to General Manager in 1989
  • Created own business in 1978
  • Quit to focus on ZaveriInsurance in 1999
  • Created ZaveriConsulting in 2016 

Personal Life

Zaveri was married to Letha Zaveri. However, for unknown reasons, they divorced, although he sometimes mentions her on his social media account.

The couple were married for 35 years and are still close. She gave a reference to Zaveri’s good character to the judge during his criminal incident.

The couple had a son and daughter together. His son’s name is Neil, and Zaveri frequently plays volleyball with him. The family has two dogs, one named Tyson, who turned ten earlier this year. The other is named Lila, who he adopted in 2016.

Zaveri currently has a girlfriend, though details about her are unknown.

Zaveri’s mother passed away in 2018, and his father died shortly before. Zaveri has a sister named Suchita.

One of Zaveri’s hobbies is sports. He enjoys watching hockey and regularly plays golf. He also often plays tennis and volleyball and goes bowling.

Fun Facts

In May 2021, Zaveri was involved in a serious incident that made headlines. He played golf at Wyndham Rio Mar Golf Course in Puerto Rico when a dog ran onto the field. At this golf course, dogs can run wild because they control the iguana population.

According to the prosecutors, the dog took a golf ball on the 17th hole and, in response, Zaveri shot the dog twice. He then continued playing until the 18th hole, later shooting the dog again with his 9mm pistol.

One of the other golf players called the police, and Zaveri was soon arrested. They charged him with three counts of criminality, including aggravated animal abuse. One of the other two charges was for withdrawing his gun in public without due cause. The third charge was for pointing his gun in a public place that could hurt others. However, Zaveri did have a license to carry a gun in Puerto Rico. 

Later, Zaveri was released on bail worth $60,000, and his court date is set for August 8th, 2022. 

The judge ordered that his driving license and passport be seized. Zaveri is currently on house arrest, and the prosecution aims to charge Zaveri with 45 years imprisonment. He has not been able to visit any restaurants or malls since May 2021.

Police commissioner Antonio Lopez Figueroa said about the incident, “Thank you to MY police officers, who today were the voice of justice of a puppy, whom an unscrupulous, killed viciously, for no reason and in a clear disregard for life.”

However, according to Zaveri, much of the story was fabricated. He claims that the dog was not a puppy but a medium-sized dog that appeared on the field with other wild dogs. Additionally, Zaveri claims the dog tried to jump into his golf cart and attack him, so Zaveri shot it.

Between 20-50% of wild dogs in Puerto Rico have rabies, and Zaveri said he was scared of being bitten. He also said he shot the dog three times “to put it out of its misery.”

Zaveri became a citizen of Puerto Rico due to Act 22. After the incident on the golf course, the Act 22 Society released a statement about it. They said they were “disturbed” by the allegations. 

Zaveri is a pop music fan and congratulated the winners of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, Kalush Orchestra, on social media. Some of Zaveri’s favorite artists include Fleetwood Mac, the Beatles, Strange Curry, and Kate Smith.

Zaveri has been a volunteer for the American Red Cross since 2010. During Hurricane Irene and Hurricane Sandy, Zaveri worked as a shelter manager and regularly helps with fundraising efforts to give back to the community.

He has also been a member of the Rotary Club in Hicksville South since 2010. He was previously the president of this group from 2015 to 2015. He was also the Assistant District Governor for the District 7255 area from 2015 to 2016.

Zaveri is a big animal fan and has adopted many stray animals. This has included ten dogs and three cats. Some of these were from animal shelters and were due to be killed before Zaveri adopted them.


Salil Zaveri is an insurance and marketing professional with over 40 years of experience. He founded two of his own companies, named ZaveriInsurance and Zaveri Consulting LLC.

He specializes in sales management and insurance consultation for individual and business clients. He rose to prominence after an unfortunate criminal incident on a golf course. 

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