Rabbi Kirt Schneider Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Rabbi Kirt Schneider is a famous Jewish preacher and personality. He has appeared on various TV shows promoting his faith. Schneider has a YouTube channel, and his television programs are broadcast across the world.

He runs a non-profit organization named Shalom Ministries International inc. He has a net worth of approximately $20 million.

NameKirt Schneider
Date of Birth:November 18th, 1953 (68 years old)
Place of Birth:Cleveland, Ohio
Height:5 feet 7 inches (1.72 meters)
Profession:Jewish preacher, personality
Marital Status:Married
Parents:David Schneider (father), Elaine Schneider (mother)
Net Worth Estimate:$20 million

Net Worth

An exact figure of Schneider’s net worth is not known. However, it is estimated to be at $20 million.

All of Schneider’s earnings come from his work as a preacher. He is one of the most famous Jewish-Messianic preachers in the world. He has regular television programs like ‘The Jewish Jesus’ broadcast in 200 different countries on over 30 channels. In America, Schneider’s television shows reach an average of 1.6 million people.

Outside of television, Schneider is also popular on social media. Across his three main platforms – YouTube, Twitter and Facebook – Schneider has amassed 1.5 million followers. Schneider’s YouTube channel is worth approximately $38,000.

Schneider is the president of a non-profit organization named “Shalom Ministries International Incorporation.” In 2020, the company reported total revenues of $17,555,039. 

In 2018, Schneider planned to buy an $8 million house in Israel before the deal fell through. So, we can see his net worth is much higher than this.


Schneider is the president of Shalom Ministries International. As it is a religious group, it functions as a non-profit organization. The other leading figures include Cynthia Schneider and Michael Hardy, Vice-Presidents and Ministers. The group began in 2001 when they reported total revenue of $32,113. However, as their expenses were $35,698, they made a deficit of $3585 this year.

In 2002, the organization reported total revenue of $38,298, expenses of $22,203 and net assets of $12,510. This figure remained relatively constant until 2006, when the group hit $100,000 in revenue for the first time. Similarly, the group reported net assets at $116,467 and expenses of $58,364. 

In 2007, Shalom Ministries’ revenue doubled to $264,630, with net assets at $145,719 and expenses of $235,378. However, in 2008, Shalom faced rather substantial losses, as they reported $70,528 with expenses of $75,114. The organization’s net assets remained relatively stable at $141,113.

In 2009, Shalom hit $1 million for the first time after it reported revenue of $1,184,507 and expenses of $881,305. Its assets continued to grow at $226,501. In 2010, Shalom doubled its revenue once again to $2,425,327 and total expenses of $1,979,083. This gave the organization a revenue, minus the expenses, of $446,244. It also reported net assets of $672,745. 

Since 2010, Shalom Ministries has reported steadily increasing revenue by roughly $1 million annually. In 2015, the company reported a net income after expenses of $2,060,850, marking the first time the organization exceeded $1 million in this category.

Shalom Ministries’ most recent tax file was for the year 2020. They reported a total revenue of $17,555,039 with expenses of $13,023,294. This left the organization with a net income of $4,531,745. The company’s assets currently stand at $19,134,090, with liabilities of $49,497.


As Schneider is the president of Shalom Ministries International, information about his salary is readily available. However, as this is a non-profit organization, this salary is considered compensation for tax purposes. According to the company’s tax filing, Schneider worked 40 hours per week as president. 

When the organization was founded in 2001, Schneider claimed compensation of $21,600. However, the following year, this was reduced to $4965. Schneider did not claim compensation again until 2008 when he was given $16,822 from the organization. 

In 2009, Schneider was given compensation of $84,000. The following year, this increased to $110,628. In 2011, Schneider received compensation of $124,000 from Shalom Ministries International. In 2012, Schneider reported compensation of $84,000 along with  “other compensation from the organization and related organizations” of $12,139. 

In 2013, Schneider’s compensation increased to $94,846.

It stayed relatively consistent until 2016 when it increased to $144,400. In 2017, it dropped to $134,000 until the following year, when it returned to $142,654. After the company hired a new producer in 2019, Schneider’s compensation fell to $124,000. 

In the most recent filing, which is 2020, Schneider reported compensation of $295,128.

From his YouTube channel, Schneider earns approximately $232 to $663 per month from his videos. On an annual basis, this equates to roughly $2,824 to $8065, which Schneider generates mostly from advertising. 

It is unclear how much Schneider is paid for his appearances on religious TV shows or if he is awarded a salary from these appearances.

Real Estate

It is unclear where Schneider currently lives. However, in 2019, he attempted to buy an apartment in Israel. The apartment was worth $8 million and was approximately 400 square meters.

It was in Jerusalem and included a 20-meter-long window which overlooked the Western Wall. Schneider put forward a bid for the property, but the realtor promptly cancelled the request due to Schneider being ineligible to rent in Israel.

Early life 

Schneider was born on November 18th, 1953, in Cleveland, Ohio. His mother was named Elaine, and his father was David. Schneider was the oldest of his brothers, Simcha and Mitchel. His family was affluent. 

Schneider’s mother worked as a clothes designer, and she eventually started a design store. Similarly, his father was the owner of a relatively successful clothing store.

Schneider grew up in a suburb of Cleveland called Beachwood, with an overwhelming number of Jewish residents.

From the seventh grade, Schneider wanted to become a wrestler. He kept this dream and was given a scholarship to continue wrestling at the University of Tampa.

However, Schneider decided to give up this dream once he turned 18. He was unsure of his future career aspirations and even planned to create a disco. To pay for this, Schneider began working as a door-to-door salesman, where he would sell encyclopedias.

In 1978, Schneider had a revelation where he claimed to have seen Jesus. He then converted to Messianic Judaism, which greatly disappointed his family.


Schneider enrolled in a Bible college in Cleveland named Toccoa Falls. He was given an award for “Preacher of the Year,” which eventually led to him finding a career as a minister.

In 1985, Schneider began working as a minister but took a sabbatical soon after. He worked as a real estate agent during this time. 

Eventually, Schneider founded the company ‘Shalom Ministries International Incorporation’ in 2002. This also led to Schneider launching his regular television show, Discovering the Jewish Jesus.

This television show catapulted Schneider to worldwide attention. The show is currently still running and broadcasts to almost 200 countries. 

Schneider has also written several books. These include Do Not Be Afraid, Self-Deliverance, and The Book of Revelation Decoded. Schneider has also appeared on several other television shows like Marcus and Joni, Mornings with Maria, and Praise the Lord.

He has also written his autobiography, Called to Breakthrough.

Career Highlights

  • Originally planned to open a disco
  • Worked as a door-to-door salesman
  • Had a revelation which changed his approach to religion
  • Enrolled at Toccoa Falls bible college
  • Worked as a minister
  • Founded Shalom Ministries International Incorporation
  • Began broadcasting Discovering the Jewish Jesus
  • Currently broadcasts TV show to almost 200 countries

Personal Life

Schneider is currently married to his wife, Cynthia. In 1983, the pair got married. Schneider also has two daughters, although their ages are unknown.

These two daughters have given Schneider 5 grandchildren. Like Schneider, his family also follows the Messianic Judaism faith. Schneider is a follower of Kabbalah.

Schneider’s mother passed away in 2013. 

When Schneider first converted to Messianic Judaism, he was criticised by his family. They forced him to attend a “deprogrammer” camp to stop him from being part of a cult.

After this, Schneider was involuntarily institutionalized at a psychiatric hospital for two months. Because of this, Schneider does not talk to his father or brothers.

Interesting Facts

  • Schneider is not actually a certified Rabbi. In Schneider’s words, “I’m a rabbi for more than a million people who get inspired by my teachings. A rabbi is a teacher, so for them, I am a rabbi.”
  • Schneider’s company, Shalom Ministries, earns an average donation of $59, although they have also received donations of $80,000 before.
  • Schneider claims to have performed several miracles during his sermons. On one occasion in Uganda, Schneider met a woman who had been blind for a decade and a half. During the sermon, Schneider commanded the woman to see, and she became fully healed. 
  • Other people have criticised Schneider by saying that he is a “fake rabbi.” Some have even alleged that he is “worse than a Nazi.”
  • In 2015, Schneider attended a meeting at Trump Tower alongside other leaders of evangelical religions. During this meeting, Schneider blessed the then-presidential campaign member Donald Trump.


Rabbi Kirt Schneider is one of the most famous leaders of Messianic Judaism. He appears on broadcasts worldwide, the most famous of which is ‘Discovering the Jewish Jesus.’ Schneider runs his own non-profit company, Shalom Ministries International Incorporation, which aims to teach others about Messianic Judaism.

He has a net worth of approximately $20 million. 


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