Larry June Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Larry June is a rapper who is most famous for two EPs named Larry and Orange Season. He was previously signed to Warner Records and is currently an independent artist.

His most recent record, Spaceships on the Blade, charted at 39 on the Billboard 200. He has a net worth of approximately $2 million.

NameLarry Eugene Hendricks III (Larry June)
Date of Birth:April 8th, 1991 (31 years old)
Place of Birth:San Francisco, California
Height:5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters)
Marital Status:In a relationship
Parents:Larry Hendricks Junior (father), mother unknown
Net Worth Estimate:$2 million

Net Worth

It is unclear what June’s exact net worth is. However, it is speculated to be around $2 million.

June has made the majority of his money from his work as a rapper. He was previously signed to Warner Records, although the label later dropped him. He has independently reduced several EPs and albums, which originally grossed around $60,000 in streams alone (1).

He has also toured with several high-profile artists, such as Post Malone and Smokepurpp. This has contributed to increasing his net worth significantly (2).


June has claimed that he is attempting to start his own brand, which will involve selling oranges and marijuana. In 2016, he claimed to be “getting the necessary paperwork together.” However, it is unclear if he has completed the registration process for this brand (3).

Additionally, the merchandise on June’s store is registered to “Larry June’s Store.” However, it is unclear if this is an official trademark (4).

With the release of June’s EP Orange Season in 2016, June also released an iOS game titled Orange Season. It is unclear how much he made from this title (5).

In 2021, June opened a Boba Tea shop in San Francisco named Honey Bear Boba. It is unknown how much revenue the store makes or how much it is currently valued at (6).


In 2014, June signed to Warner Records, who gave him a $20,000 advance for signing with them. His only releases with this label were the mixtapes #GoodJobLarry and Sock It to Me.

However, it is unclear how much June made from these releases. However, this initial advance appears to have been the only direct earnings received from the label, as they did not fund any other record deals with June.

During this time, June worked as an opening act for several well-known rappers. It is unclear how much he was paid for these appearances, although he has claimed to receive approximately $500 per show (7).

If this figure is accurate, then he will have received approximately $20,000 for doing 40 shows with Post Malone (8). He is also known to have completed appearances for the rapper Smokepurpp.

However, it is unknown how many dates June did on this tour.

Following Warner Records’ decision to drop June, he began to release music independently.

Although it is unclear how much exactly he earned from these records, June has stated that he made approximately $60,000 from releasing You’re Doing Good, Sock It to Me Pt 2, and Very Peaceful.

As these were independent releases, the majority of profits went directly to June himself. However, the exact revenue for these records is unknown (9).

In 2021, June released his ninth album, titled Orange Print. Although the sales from this record are unclear, the album charted at 124 on the Billboard 200 charts, suggesting a significant increase in sales (10).

The following year, June released another album, named Spaceships on the Blade, which appeared at #39 on the same charts (11).

Additionally, June also toured for the album Orange Print, which reportedly generated over $1 million in revenue (12).

Real Estate

It is unclear where June currently lives, although it is speculated to be in San Francisco (13). In this area, the median listing price for homes is approximately $1.29 million, or roughly $102,000 per square foot (14).

Early Life

June was born in San Francisco, California, on April 8th, 1991. His mother’s name is unknown, but his father’s name is Larry Hendricks Junior. June lived in San Francisco until the age of 5 when his mother decided to relocate to Atlanta. It is unclear which high school June attended in Atlanta.

However, when June turned 14, he returned to the Hunters Point neighborhood in San Francisco and joined Jesse Bethel High School.

During this time, June’s father went to the store Whole Foods rather frequently, which inspired June’s approach to make music. His father was also interested in rap music, and this also contributed to June’s interest in the genre. 


At some point during high school, June began to make music and burned this onto CDs. He then travelled across San Francisco and other areas to promote himself, particularly at high schools.

Later, June then sold these CDs to music stores, such as Rasputin Music in Berkeley, California. As June spent the majority of his time travelling, he later decided to quit education and devote his attention to his music career.

In 2014, Complex magazine decided to feature his Route 80 mixtape, which he created with the producer TM88. Following this feature, Warner Brothers signed June with a $20,000 advance, which also included two EPs and the possibility of further records.

However, June stated that Warner Records showed little interest in his work, leading to June being unable to record music for two years. 

During this time, June made money from being an opening act for other, more high-profile artists, including Smokepurpp and Post Malone. 

During this time, June collaborated with several other artists, such as on the song Down Like That by fellow rapper Stizz. He also worked with Post Malone for the song Never Understand and with Asher Roth for Laundry.

Soon after, Warner Records chose to end their contract with June, which led to June releasing music independently on DistroKid. Between 2018 and 2020, he released several EPs and albums.

These were Sock It To Me, Pt 2, Very Peaceful, Early Bird, The Port of San Francisco, Mr Midnight, Out the Trunk and Product of the Dope Game. He also released the mixtapes 4 Deep No Sleep and Trap Larry. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, June released several records after recording in his home studio. 

This includes the album Adjust to the Game, along with the EPs and mixtapes Game Related, Cruise USA, Keep Going, and Numbers.

At some point after this, June signed to the record label Empire Distribution, who released his 2021 record Orange Print and 2022 album Spaceships on the Blade. Additionally, the label also distributed his EPs Into the Late Night (ITLN) and 2 P’z In a Pod.

Orange Print marked June’s first appearance on the Billboard 200 album chart, appearing at #125. Spaceships on the Blade charted higher than this, achieving a #39 position on the same chart for one week. 

In 2021, June opened the boba tea store, Honeybear Boba, with his close friend Brian Tran in San Francisco, California. He also expressed interest in signing with a major label. However, he indicated he would only do so if he felt it was right.

Career Highlights

  • As a teenager, he released several CDs with his music
  • In 2014, Complex magazine featured his mixtape, Route 80
  • In 2014, June signed with Warner Records and received an advance of approximately $20,000
  • June released the mixtapes #GoodJobLarry and Sock It to Me through Warner Records
  • June began working as an opening act for artists like Post Malone 
  • June left Warner Records and began releasing independent music, which generated approximately $60,000 in revenue
  • June released several mixtapes, EPs, and albums
  • June signed to Empire Distribution and released Orange Print, which charted at #125 on the Billboard 200
  • In 2021, June opened a boba tea store named Honeybear Boba
  • In 2022, June released the album Spaceships on the Blade, which charted at #39 on the Billboard 200

Personal Life

June is known to have at least one son, although it is unclear who the child’s mother is. It is also unknown how old his son is.

Interesting Facts

  • June has stated that some of his favourite artists, as a young adult, included Jeezy, T.I., E-40, RBL Posse, and the Jacka (15).
  • In 2021, June performed as part of Midnight Organic in order to fundraise for the family of Trey, a fellow rapper who sadly passed away (16).
  • June deliberately signs each of his posts on social media with an orange emoji (17).
  • In his free time, June enjoys assembling cycling equipment (18).


Larry June is a rapper, who is most famous for releasing several EPs and records, including Sock It to Me, Pt. 2, Very Peaceful, and Keep Going.

Although Warner Records signed him previously, most of his earnings came from his work as an independent artist. He has collaborated with several high-profile rappers, including Post Malone. He has a net worth of approximately $2 million.

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