Kim Russo Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Kim Russo is a TV host and psychic medium who has appeared on several TV shows, including The Haunting Of and Psychic Intervention.

She has also written a few books, including The Happy Medium and Your Soul Purpose. She is the founder of Kim The Happy Medium Inc and has a net worth of $14 million.

NameKim Russo
Date of Birth:Unknown
Place of Birth:Unknown
Height:5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters)
Profession:Psychic medium, TV host, author
Marital Status:Married
Parents:Mary-Ann Scott (mother), father unknown
Net Worth Estimate:$14 million

Net Worth

It is unclear what Russo’s exact net worth is. However, it is speculated to be around $14 million. 

Russo’s net worth comes primarily from her work as a psychic medium. She has appeared on several hit TV shows, including “Celebrity Ghost Stories” for the Bio Channel and “Paranormal State” and “Psychic Kids” for A&E.

Additionally, Russo had her own television series, titled “The Haunting Of…” which was a success for the LMN network (1).

Additionally, Russo is the director of her company, Kim The Happy Medium Inc. Although the company’s exact yearly revenue is unknown, it is speculated to make around $5 million yearly (2).

Some of Russo’s net worth comes from her written work, also. One of these books, The Happy Medium – Life Lessons from the Other Side, was an Amazon bestseller (3).


Russo is the owner of Kim The Happy Medium Inc, which she established in 2005. The company’s exact revenue is unknown, although it is speculated to be less than $5 million (4). 

There are currently no investors in the New York branch of the company, and, by 2007, it was overdue to file statements to the Department of State. The company may work more as a copyright organization than an entire business (5).

However, in 2022, Russo filed to incorporate the company in Florida, although it has yet to make an official financial filing. The company type is registered as “Domestic for Profit,” suggesting that Russo will make some financial gains from this business (6).


Russo’s first known job was on a single episode of Paranormal State in 2008. It is unknown how much Russo was paid for this appearance.

She also appeared in Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal in 2010 (7). Russo’s exact salary for appearing on the show is unknown.

However, it is likely to be minimal as it was a single episode appearance. However, both of her appearances were deemed successful enough to warrant her own show.

In 2012, Russo began appearing in her show for the Lifetime Movie Network, titled The Haunting Of…. Although Russo’s exact salary for the show is unknown, the company Jarrett Creative Group produced the show.

They are speculated to pay $3,444,662 at the lowest and $4,652,872 at the highest, with the average salary being around $4,027,613 (8).

As such, Russo likely earned a figure somewhere in between these numbers. The show ran for three years, indicating that Russo could have earned as much as $13,958,616 from this show alone.

In 2014, Russo appeared as herself for the show Psychic Intervention. Similarly, this show was also produced by the Jarrett Creative Group, indicating that her earnings would have been something similar to The Haunting Of….

In 2016, Russo began earning money as a writer.

She published the book The Happy Medium – Life Lessons from The Other Side through the publisher HarperCollins. Although Russo’s exact earnings from this book are unknown, it did become an Amazon bestseller.

The book appeared at #1 in the ‘Spiritual’ section of Amazon books, indicating that sales from it were relatively high (9).

Russo also earns money from making theater appearances as a psychic medium. Her salary for these appearances is unclear, but tickets are approximately $35, while she charges around $65 for a VIP ticket (10).

In 2019, Russo released the book Your Soul Purpose – Learn How to Access The Light Within. Similarly, her exact earnings from this are unclear.

However, it appears to have been less successful than her first book, as it appeared at #431 in the Ghosts & Poltergeists category on Amazon (11).

These books were published by HarperCollins, which is speculated to pay their authors roughly $55,000 per year. So, Russo may have earned somewhere around this amount (12).

In 2020, Russo appeared in the reboot of Celebrity Ghost Stories. 

Her salary for this is unknown (13).

Outside of her appearances as a psychic medium, Russo also earned some money as a hairstylist and makeup artist. She worked as an assistant makeup artist for a single episode of Whatever Goes TV and six episodes of Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer.

Her exact salary is unclear, although this job pays approximately $45,927 annually (14). However, as NBC produced Earth Odyssey, her salary possibly increased with this company. 

Real Estate

Russo lives on Woodview Terrace in Boca Raton, Florida (15). She bought the house in 2021 for approximately $695,500, valued at $741,100.

The house has four bedrooms and two bathrooms and is approximately 1939 square feet or $357 per square foot. Additionally, it was built in 1985, and the entire lot is roughly 0.34 acres (16).

Before this, Russo lived at a property on Noble Street in East Meadow, New York (17). She sold the property in 2021 for approximately $752,000, although it is now valued at a lower price of $675,500.

Russo bought the house in 1992 for roughly $161,500. The house was built in 1953 and is approximately 1839 square feet.

It has two bathrooms, an unknown number of bedrooms, and the entire lot is 8250 square feet. It costs approximately $394 per square foot (18).

Early Life

Russo’s exact date of birth and hometown are unknown, as well as her father’s name. However, her mother was named Mary-Ann Scott.

It is unclear where Russo studied or if she went to university. However, as a young child, Russo stated that she had numerous experiences with the dead. In fact, she claims to have been contacted by a girl who died in a fire and asked Russo to speak to the girl’s parents.


It is unclear what Russo did for work before becoming a famous psychic medium.

However, she is known to have interned for a year and did free psychic readings for others to improve her skills. Additionally, she performed several spiritual readings for her friends and family. 

In 2005, the Forever Family Foundation certified Russo as a medium. Russo followed this certification in 2011 with one from the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential.

According to Russo, these institutions “subjected her to a battery of double-blind tests to prove the accuracy of her readings”. Russo’s grading from these tests “proved to be exemplary” (19).

During this time, Russo also created the company Kim The Happy Medium Inc in New York.

In 2008, Russo appeared on the show Paranormal State and Celebrity Ghost Stories. She also appeared in Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal. These appearances proved so successful that the Lifetime Movie Network commissioned a spin-off series titled The Haunting Of…, of which Russo was the star. The show ran from 2012 to 2015.

During this time, Russo also hosted the 2014 series Psychic Intervention on the A&E network. After The Haunting Of… ended, Russo began working as a writer and published her first book, The Happy Medium – Life Lessons from The Other Side, in 2016. The book was fairly successful, and she followed this text in 2019 with Your Soul Purpose – Learn How to Access The Light Within. 

Additionally, Russo made promotional appearances for her book on shows such as The Real, Entertainment Tonight, and Access Hollywood. However, it is possible that these appearances were unpaid and used instead as a promotional tool for her book (20).

In 2020, Russo began hosting the reboot of Celebrity Ghost Stories for the A&E network.

Russo is also known to have made several theater appearances to show off her psychic skills. However, the exact dates of all of these are unknown. 

Russo also worked as an assistant makeup artist for a single episode of Whatever Goes TV and a makeup artist and hair stylist for Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer.

Career Highlights

  • In 2005 and 2011, Russo became a certified psychic
  • In 2005, she created Kim The Happy Medium Inc
  • In 2008, she appeared in various paranormal shows
  • From 2012 to 2015, she hosted The Haunting Of…
  • In 2014, she hosted Psychic Intervention
  • In 2016, she published her first book
  • In 2019, she published a second book
  • From 2020, she hosted Celebrity Ghost Stories

Personal Life

Russo has been married to her husband, Anthony, for over 33 years. The pairs have three sons together, although their names are unknown. 

Russo is a devout Christian and frequently gives talks about her faith. In her own words, she believes “the most important of our soul purpose is to implement and share our God-given gifts with the world.”

Interesting Facts

  • Russo received an award for work as a psychic medium. In 2015, Best of Long Island Press granted Russo the title “Best Psychic on Long Island.”
  • Wayne Newton once asked Russo to contact his good friend, Elvis Presley. Russo was successful at doing this and claimed to prove her connection by telling Newton of a private conversation he had with Presley. However, Russo has stated that channeling important figures like this is usually difficult. 


Kim Russo is a psychic medium, TV host, and author. She is best known for hosting the television series The Haunting Of, which is a spin-off of another show that Russo starred in, Celebrity Ghost Stories. Russo owns Kim The Happy Medium Inc and has made several theater appearances. She has a net worth of approximately $14 million.


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