Jailyne Ojeda Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Jailyne Ojeda is a model and social media influencer. She rose to prominence through her Instagram photos and work as a model for the South West Modeling Agency.

She has appeared in several television commercials and amassed a large number of followers on social media. Ojeda has a net worth of approximately $3 million.

NameJailyne Ojeda Ochoa (Jailyne Ojeda)
Date of Birth:January 9th, 1998 (24 years old)
Place of Birth:Indio, California
Height:5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)
Profession:Model, social media influencer
Marital Status:In a relationship
Parents:Ismael Ojeda (father), Dulce Ochoa (mother)
Net Worth Estimate:$3 million

Net Worth

It is unclear what Ojeda’s exact net worth is. However, it is speculated to be around $3 million.

The majority of Ojeda’s net worth comes from her work as a social media influencer. Ojeda has over 14 million views on her personal Instagram account, with an approximate engagement of 3% per post (1).

Her TikTok account has over 17 million followers with almost 300 million likes, helping to increase her net worth (2).

Additionally, Ojeda is the CEO of her clothing line, ‘Snatched by Jailyne,’ and has released several other product lines (3). Some of these products include a sweetener line named ‘Magic Honey’ (4) and a shampoo line (5).

Ojeda also has a trading course (6). All of these products have helped to increase her net worth.

Ojeda works as a model, contributing to her net worth (7). 


Ojeda has several product lines, the most prominent of which is the clothing line ‘Snatched by Jailyne’ (8). The company’s revenue and valuation are both unknown. 

Ojeda also owns a line of sweeteners titled ‘Magic Honey by Jailyne’ (9). She also has a line of hair products titled ‘Hair Growth by Jailyne’  (10). Similarly, it is unclear how much Ojeda makes from these companies, as she has kept details regarding their revenue private.

Ojeda has a 5-week trading course named ‘Weekly Fix by Jailyne Ojeda.’ Although the company’s revenue is unclear, Ojeda sells the course for $180 (11).

Similarly, Ojeda previously ran an NFT course. It is unclear how much revenue this course makes, although Ojeda sells it for $129. Her website claims the course is valued at $6700, though this claim is unsubstantiated (12).

Each of these companies appears to be part of Ojeda’s parent company, Jailyneoo LLC. Ojeda is the organization’s director, although she has not made details regarding the company’s annual reports public (13).


One of Ojeda’s first major appearances was as part of the music video for the song Tus Lágrimas by Alfredo Olivas (14). Although it is unclear how much she earned from this video, it currently has over 129 million views on YouTube (15).

It is unclear how much Ojeda earns from her social media following. However, she previously held a competition where she gave away $5000 to her followers, indicating that her earnings must be substantially higher than this (16).

Additionally, Ojeda previously ran an NFT course, where she claims to teach people about “taking $400 and flipping it into $4000 in a few days”. It is likely that Ojeda is exaggerating her earnings from NFTs (17).

She also claimed to have been involved in trading, although it is unclear how much she has earned from this (18).

Ojeda likely earns a substantial amount from her social media accounts, as she has a significant amount of followers. 

Although the exact details are unclear, it is estimated that Ojeda receives between $2000 to $4000 for a sponsored Instagram post.

It is also speculated that posting a sponsored image may allow Ojeda to earn between $5000 and $11,000, while a video post may be between $11,000 to $21,000 (19).

It is likely that sponsored posts on her other social media accounts may follow similar prices. 

Ojeda has an OnlyFans account. Although her earnings are unknown from this, she offers a monthly subscription for $25 (20).

Real Estate

Ojeda’s current address is unknown, although it is confirmed to be in Phoenix, Arizona. According to her house tour, her house has at least four bedrooms, two living rooms, and two guest rooms.

Her house also has a pool (21). House prices in Phoenix have an average listing price of $475,000, or approximately $292 per square foot. Six bedroom houses of a similar size to Ojeda’s in this area range from between $330,000 to $1.1 million (22).

Early Life

Ojeda was born in Indio, California, on January 9th, 1998. Her mother’s name is Dulce, and her father’s name is Ismael. Both of Ojeda’s parents originally came from Sinaloa, Mexico, before settling in Arizona.

As such, Ojeda grew up speaking Spanish and English fluently. Ismael previously had a job in construction, although it is unknown what Dulce did for work. 

Ojeda is the eldest of her siblings, as she has a younger sister named Alexia Merari and a younger brother named Johnny. When her siblings were born, the family moved to Phoenix, Arizona. 

Ojeda graduated from Betty H. Fairfax High School and was one of the highest-performing students there. 

However, her final grade and graduate date are both unknown. However, she is known to have been an avid reader, going as far as to win an award for being the “best reader” in her year. 

As a student, she received the highest grades of her year in Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards, a standardized test in her state.

Additionally, Ojeda also participated in the Math Achievement Club by Rodel, also known as MAC-Ro, with a newspaper covering her exceptional results.

Ojeda then studied at Phoenix College, although her final grade and subject are unknown. It is speculated that she studied Communications, but this is unclear.


After graduating, Ojeda began working as a model, as well as in several other industries, such as clothing stores and sushi restaurants. Ojeda also created an Instagram account, which was initially the subject of various memes, including by celebrities.

One of her first modelling appearances was in the music video for Tus Lágrimas by Alfredo Olivas. Ojeda has credited this appearance with helping her to increase her Instagram following substantially. She also began messaging more popular accounts on Instagram.

She paid them for promotion in order to increase her own following. By the age of 16, Ojeda had over a million followers on her Instagram account. 

Eventually, her social media accounts became more prominent, leading to Ojeda creating her own products.

 Some of these products included her own clothing line, named ‘Snatched by Jailyne,’ as well as hair and beauty products. She also launched courses to teach others about trading and NFTs while creating an OnlyFans account as Ojeda began working in adult films.

One of Ojeda’s most popular videos was one where she discussed getting plastic surgery, which ultimately failed. She claims to have gotten botched surgery on her nose, leading to Ojeda suffering from depression for several years. 

Career Highlights

  • She began posting on Instagram, gaining over a million followers when she was 16
  • She appeared in the music video for Tus Lágrimas by Alfredo Olivas
  • She became more prominent on Instagram and launched several products
  • She created clothing, hair, and beauty products
  • Ojeda created an OnlyFans account as she began making adult films

Personal Life

Ojeda has previously spoken in her videos about being in a relationship with an unknown person. In 2021, Ojeda mentioned in a video that she had been in this relationship for five years.

However, she did not reveal the name of her boyfriend. However, it has been rumored that the man in question is Jesus Ortiz, a famous Mexican singer and musician.

Ojeda has publicly spoken about other girls bullying her in high school because she began puberty at a much younger age than them.

She stated that this bullying began as name-calling but soon progressed to physical attacks that forced Ojeda to move schools.

Ojeda’s favourite food is pho.

Interesting Facts

  • Ojeda is a fan of reading and has stated that Paulo Coelho is her favourite author (23).
  • When Ojeda was 16, she was stalked by someone who claimed to be a “big fan” of hers. The stalker telephoned her on numerous occasions, even from restricted numbers, leading to the police becoming involved. Ojeda has stated that she has had numerous stalkers after this first stalker (24).
  • Ojeda’s favourite place to travel is Bali, as she says it is “so peaceful” and “no one judges you, no one looks at you” (25).
  • In 2021, Ojeda was invited to New York Fashion Week (26).
  • Ojeda has spoken about feeling uncomfortable when travelling due to unwarranted and repeated cavity searches by customs agents (27).


Jailyne Ojeda is a social media influencer and model. She has amassed over 14 million followers on her Instagram and over 17 million on her TikTok accounts.

Ojeda has appeared in a number of television commercials and owns several product lines. She has a net worth of approximately $3 million.



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