Hans Molenkamp Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Hans Molenkamp has over 20 years of experience as a brand builder. He is the leading brand designer for many companies, including Monster Energy.

He also founded Triumph United, a martial arts equipment manufacturer, Crimson Tactical, and Throwdown Industries.

Previously, Molenkamp worked as Chief Marketing Officer for Osiris Shoes and was the Executive Vice President of cbdMD’s Sports Marketing branch.

Name:Hans Molenkamp
Date of Birth:1977-8 (approximately 44 years old)
Place of Birth:Oceanside, California
Height:5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters)
Profession:MMA fighter and brand builder
Marital Status:Married
Parents:Willian Frederik Molenkamp (father) and Maria Anthonia Zujidam (mother)
Net Worth Estimate:$2 million

Net Worth

An exact figure of Molenkamp’s net worth is not known. However, it’s estimated that he is worth around $2 million. This figure comes from his work as an MMA fighter and brand builder for Monster.

He has also worked for branding with UFC, Crimson Tactical Equipment, and Microtech. Since Monster Energy is part of the UFC’s leading official sponsors, estimates about Molenkamp’s net worth are high.


In 2005, Molenkamp founded his own company, “Throwdown Industries.” The company sells high-quality sports equipment, and they are a successful brand today

He later followed this with “Triumph United” in 2007. The company is based in Oceanside, California and sells equipment for martial arts.

Triumph United also sells clothing for other sports, including boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai Kickboxing. The company is reasonably successful, although no official valuation has been made public.

In 2020, Molenkamp also created Crimson Tactical, another store selling sports equipment. Their main products include tactical knives, pocket knives, and similar tools.

Most of these brands are recognizable, such as Microtech, Bastinelli, and Heretic. Molenkamp manages parts of the company’s website himself, including the layout.

Like with Triumph United, no official valuation has been done for Crimson Tactical.


In 2005, Molenkamp decided to take the plunge and create his own company.

This is a combat sports company titled “Throwdown Industries,” which also sells fitness equipment. One of the major reasons that Molenkamp created Throwdown Industries was because he wanted to help others compete in MMA. 

Molenkamp was a fan of the sport from a young age. But, he noticed that the equipment people used was of poor quality, which often caused safety problems.

Molenkamp aimed to fix some of these problems by creating a company that sold equipment with better standards that would promise greater safety for competitors. 

This equipment included boxing rings and cages. Molenkamp aimed to make his products as good as those found in the UFC. 

As a founding partner and vice president for Throwdown, Molenkamp was involved at many different levels.

He helped to create and develop each of the branding assets for the company. He made executive decisions about which athletes the company would use to run advertising campaigns.

Once chosen, Molenkamp would personally brand these athletes and choose further sportspeople for the role.

Additionally, Molenkamp designed many of the soft goods and equipment that Throwdown sold, including some of the apparel. He also worked to direct events and organize sponsorship deals for the company.

Eventually, Molenkamp’s hard work paid off, and many athletes recognised Throwdown as being a market leader. Professional boxers and MMA competitors saw Throwdown as producing some of the best equipment possible.

However, Molenkamp sold his shares for Throwdown in 2006.

He decided to leave the company in order to involve himself more in other projects.

Working for Throwdown gave Molenkamp valuable experience in marketing, with a specialisation in sports. This enabled Molenkamp to start another company in 2007, named Triumph United.

Like Throwdown, Triumph United is a sportswear store that sells equipment for some less-mainstream sports. These sports include MMA, boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay Thai Kickboxing.

Molenkamp is personally interested in many of these sports and is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu expert.

Molenkamp currently still works for Triumph United as the chief executive officer. When creating the company, Molenkamp was heavily involved in creating a vision for the brand.

He used his experience in marketing to run the design branch of Triumph United. 

Molenkamp also used his skills in social media to create strategies to help promote the company. 

On top of this, Molenkamp selected athletes to help promote the company. Like Throwdown, Triumph United soon became a successful company. Many athletes have expressed their desire to use the brand during professional fights.

In 2011, Monster Energy reached out to Molenkamp and asked him to work for their company as a CrossFit Senior director.

Molenkamp accepted the position and began working in the combat sports field also. This is his most high-profile job to date, as it involves managing various athlete contracts. 

Molenkamp manages the relationships with athletes, as well as for certain training facilities. He uses his marketing expertise to help design CrossFit and MMA programs.

Also, Molenkamp’s photographic talents are useful when taking professional photos of athletes. Molenkamp combines these skills to design marketing plans for Monster Energy. This involves photoshoots and creating viral content for social media.

In 2018, Molenkamp used his understanding of marketing to create his own brand.

According to Molenkamp, he “decided to push [his] own personal brand and build [his] own legacy” after “preaching to many of [his] clients about social media and how to use it to create and share content.” 

Molenkamp’s personal brand developed into a success. In a little over 18 months, Molenkamp increased his followers from 8000 to well over 90000 – and counting. 

In 2020, Molenkamp founded a third company named “Crimson Tactical.” Like his previous business ventures, Crimson Tactical also sells sports equipment.

Their main products include tactical knives, pocket knives, and similar tools. To this date, he is involved in the company’s day-to-day running, including designing parts of the website.

He regularly posts on the website’s blog and shares articles related to using knives for sports.

Molenkamp started working under contract for cbdMD 

He started this position as Executive Vice President in Sports Marketing in 2018. cbdMD sells premium CBD oil for a variety of individuals, including athletes. So, this position seemed like a natural fit for Molenkamp.

He helped to expand the company by advising them on matters of sponsorship and partnerships. Also, he used his social media expertise to assist the company with marketing itself to influencers and professional athletes.

These sponsorships included deals with CrossFit, SuperCross, and World Surf League. Molenkamp ended his contract in February 2022.

Career Highlights

  • Created Throwdown Industries in 2005
  • Left Throwdown Industries and sold shares in 2006
  • Founded Triumph United in 2007
  • Monster Energy contacted him in 2011, began working as a Senior Director
  • Developed personal brand for social media in 2018
  • Worked as Executive Vice President in Sports Marketing for cbdMD from 2018 to 2022
  • Founded Crimson Tactical in 2020

Early life

Hans Molenkamp was born in Oceanside, California, to his parents Willian Frederik Molenkamp and Maria Anthonia Zujidam. Molenkamp currently lives in Oceanside. 

From a young age, Molenkamp’s parents taught him the value of enjoying life. They inspired Molenkamp to live the best life he could, which he achieved by involving himself in various hobbies.

These hobbies included photography and sports. His passion for athletics and love for sports continues to this day.

In 1995, Molenkamp began studying History at San Diego State University. However, for unknown reasons, Molenkamp dopped out a year later.

In 1996, he began studying again, though he relocated to California State University San Marcos. Molenkamp graduated in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in History with a minor in Digital Media. It’s unclear what his GPA was.

While studying for university, Molenkamp worked for SurfRide Boardshops as a manager. He stayed in this position for two years.

This job taught Molenkamp some valuable career skills, including managing employees. As a manager, Molenkamp was also involved in buying equipment and apparel for the company.

Shortly before graduating, Molenkamp left SurfRide.

He left this position to begin work for XYZ clothing as a marketing director. He worked in this position until 2001. This position was important for Molenkamp because it kickstarted his interest in brand design.

As a marketing director, Molenkamp helped design and organise apparel production. He was involved in creating ad campaigns and handled relations between athletes. Molenkamp also assisted in product development.

He also worked as an apparel designer for other companies, such as Rap Logic and DC Shoes.

In 2000, Molenkamp became part of the Osiris Shoes workforce as a chief marketing officer. To date, this was Molenkamp’s longest position, as he worked there for almost 18 years.

This position gave Molenkamp valuable experience in marketing. He was responsible for handling the company’s marketing strategies and communications. This included conceptualising, developing, and eventually implementing each strategy.

Molenkamp also worked on the public relations side.

The majority of this position involved developing internal and external communication strategies. He used these effective techniques to develop the brand’s positioning on social media.

He was in charge of the public relations team and coordinated their efforts at various levels. This experience was vital in helping Molenkamp to develop the necessary skills to create his own company.

Before starting his own business, Molenkamp worked as a photographer. However, it’s unclear which company he did this for or if it was part of Molenkamp’s responsibilities in other positions.

Molenkamp stated that one of the reasons he has such a varied career history is due to his willingness to work.

“I never turn down work. When I am asked to do something, I just do it regardless of the turnout and eventually find a way to get the desired result.

Today, I am able to add value to many people’s private ventures and companies.”

Personal Life

Unfortunately, very little is known about Molenkamp’s life, outside of his work. He is married to Christy Molenkamp, although it’s unclear if they have any children. It’s not clear how long they have been together.

Fun Facts

Molenkamp is an expert at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and holds a black belt in the sport. He has also participated in Vale Tudo, and Muay Thai matches.

Behind the scenes, Molenkamp has frequently clashed with some well-known UFC fighters, including Dominick Cruz. Cruz claimed that Molenkamp used his position in marketing for Monster Energy to help his personal brand. 

According to Cruz, Molenkamp told individuals they needed to appear on his social media for interviews. If they didn’t, Molenkamp would stop Monster from sponsoring them. A spokesperson for Monster stated that they would investigate these claims. Meanwhile, Cruz has said that he wants to fight Molenkamp publicly.

In 2021, Molenkamp’s former MMA coach sadly died suddenly because of heart problems. Molenkamp organised a Go Fund Me for the coach’s family. He aimed to help them with funeral costs and raised over $45,000.

Photography is not just part of Molenkamp’s job but also something he is personally interested in. He helped to design the logos to use on panels, which he then transferred onto canvases. He divided the canvases into separate parts with the logo. Molenkamp would take the photos and adjust them to use as logos for merchandise. 

Outside of MMA and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Molenkamp also enjoys other sports.

This includes surfing on the beaches of Oceanside, where Molenkamp currently lives, as well as wrestling. He also frequently visits San Diego to enjoy the waves there. Molenkamp takes photos of the natural landscapes and documents his travels on his social media.

Molenkamp has worked with iconic athletes like Kimbo Slice, Danny Way, Rampage Jackson, and Conor McGregor. He is good friends with McGregor, and the two often work out together.

Molenkamp frequently posts on TikTok and Instagram. He has approximately half a million followers across both sites. However, he keenly believes that engagement on social media must be genuine.

Molenkamp has stated that he does not agree with those who buy followers on social media or use bots to make themselves seem more popular.

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