Dana Linn Bailey Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Dana Linn Bailey is a competitive bodybuilder who has competed in the American IFBB Pro competition.

She became the first winner of the competition’s Women’s Physique character and opened a gym with her husband. In 2013, she won the Olympia Women’s Physique Showdown.

Bailey has a net worth of approximately $2 million.

NameDana Linn Bailey
Date of Birth:May 30th, 1983 (39 years old)
Place of Birth:Reading, Pennsylvania
Height:5 feet 4 inches (1.63 meters)
Profession:Bodybuilder, fitness and figure competitor
Marital Status:Married
Net Worth Estimate:$2 million

Net Worth

It is unclear what Bailey’s exact net worth is. However, it is speculated to be around $2 million. 

The majority of Bailey’s earnings come from her work as a fitness instructor and competitive bodybuilder. She has won several contests as a female bodybuilder, which has helped to increase her net worth (1).

Bailey also owns several fitness-related companies with her husband, including Run Everything (2), Flag Nor Fail (3), and the Warhouse Gym (4). Each of these business ventures has contributed to increasing Bailey’s net worth. 


Previously, Bailey owned a gym named Warhouse Gym with her husband. The company’s exact revenue is unclear, although it is speculated to have been approximately $61,471 yearly (5).

In 2020, Bailey closed the gym, citing a lack of membership and sales from the pandemic as a direct cause of the gym’s closure (6).

Bailey owns the supplement company Run Everything Labs and her husband (7). The company’s exact revenue is unclear, but it is estimated to be between approximately $1 to $5 million per year (8).

With her husband, Bailey owns Flag Nor Fail, a clothing and apparel store. Similarly, the business’s exact revenue is unclear, although some speculation places it as lower than approximately $5 million per year (9).

In 2021, Bailey’s husband spoke about selling “one million dollars” shirts. However, it is unclear if this is an exaggeration or how long it took to sell this number (10).

Additionally, as each item is hand-crafted, the costs of creating these items may be substantially higher than most apparel stores, which undoubtedly affects profits (11).

In 2020, Bailey purchased new retail space for the company, approximately 30,000 square feet, suggesting that the sales company’s revenue was substantial. In the same year, Bailey spoke about sales having increased by “about 15%” (12).


Before focusing solely on bodybuilding, Bailey worked as a Physical Education teacher in Robesonia, Pennsylvania (13). Bailey’s exact salary here is unknown.

However, the average salary in this area is speculated to be $54,475 per year, with a low of $49,557 and a high of $61,744 (14).

In 2013, Bailey came second in the Tampa Pro bodybuilding competition (15). Although her actual prize money is unclear, in 2021, the prize money for second place was $1000 (16).

In the same year, she was first in the Dallas Europa competition. Similarly, her exact earnings from this are unclear, but, in 2019, first place competitors received $5000 (17).

Also, in 2013, Bailey won the Women’s Physique Showdown at the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness Ms Olympia contest. She received $10,000 in prize money (18). The following year, Bailey came second in the same competition and likely received less than $10,000 in prize money (19).

In 2015, Bailey competed in the Arnold Classic competition and came second in the Ms International category (20). 

It is unknown how much she received in prize money, but second place in this category earned $13,000 in 2012. Bailey’s earnings would have been slightly higher than this due to inflation (21).

As a competitive bodybuilder, Bailey has partnered with several brands, and one of these includes Trifecta Nutrition (22). It is unclear how much Bailey received from this partnership. Still, the company had estimated revenue of approximately $77 million in 2020 (23).

Bailey also owns an app and training program named DLB Daily (24). Bailey’s earnings are unknown, but for the basic plan, an annual subscription is $7 per month or $70 per year. For the premium plan, a monthly subscription is $14.99 per month or $99.99 per month (25).

Real Estate

Bailey’s exact address is unclear, although she is known to live in a house in Whitefish, Montana currently. Her house has five bedrooms and three bathrooms, along with a movie theater, hot tub, sauna and goat farm.

Other Assets

Bailey owns a 1991 Toyota Dolphin, a mobile home, with her husband. They claim to have bought the vehicle for approximately $1800. The vehicle features a combined living room and dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and a single bedroom with a full-size bed.

Bailey also owns several luxury cars, though the models of all these vehicles are unclear. She has stated that she owns Porsches, a 1963 Jeep Willy, a 1996 Hummer H-1, and a Unimog (26).

Jeep Willys are valued between $9,900 to $74,800 (27), while the Hummer-H1 ranges between $29,700 to $203,500 with an average sale price of $69,364 (28).

A Unimog sells for between $4,950 to $220,000 with an average sale price of $44,905 (29), while Porsches can range in price from $50,900 to $293,200 (30).

Early Life

Bailey was born in Reading, Pennsylvania, on May 30th, 1983. Her parents’ names and occupations are unknown, as well as any potential siblings she may have.

However, from a young age, Bailey was interested in sports, and she joined the swim team when she was 5. She also participated in other sports, including softball, basketball, soccer, field hockey, and ran track. 

It is unknown which high school Bailey studied at, as well as her final grade, although she is known to have graduated. She later went to West Chester University and graduated from there.

However, her final grade and subjects are also unknown. During this time, Bailey competed in college soccer and eventually became the team leader. As a leader, Bailey managed to get her team to the National Collegiate Athletic Association playoffs. 


After graduating from university, Bailey began to get involved in lifting, courtesy of her boyfriend.

Eventually, Bailey began to enjoy lifting, stating, “I always wanted to see how much I could max out at and always trying to go heavier and heavier. It was like my own competition I had with myself every day” (31).

However, she decided to become a physical education teacher before devoting her career entirely to bodybuilding. She taught at Conrad Weiners Middle School in Robesonia, Pennsylvania, for several years, finally leaving in 2007.

Bailey’s first bodybuilding competition was at the Lehigh Valley Championships in 2006, and she continued to compete in figure categories until 2010.

In 2011, Bailey competed in the Junior USAs, ultimately coming in first place and becoming the first woman to achieve this role in the Women’s Physique category.

Following this, she won several other titles, coming fourth place at the Desert Muscle Classic competition and sixteenth at the New York Pro in 2012.

The next year, Bailey came second at the Tampa Pro and first at the Dallas Europa. Also, in 2013, Bailey made the record books by becoming the first female winner of the Ms Olympia competition and achieved second place the following year. In 2015, she came second place at the Arnold Classic before deciding to go on competition hiatus to focus on her business ventures with her husband. 

In 2018, Bailey returned to competitions for the powerlifting category in the Arnold Classic, although she ultimately did not place. 

Her most recent competition was the Brute Showdown Women’s edition, where she came second place.

Career Highlights

  • She began competing as a bodybuilder in 2011 and won several competitions
  • In 2013, she made history as the first winner of the Women’s Physique Ms Olympia category
  • In 2015, she opened Warhouse Gym with her husband
  • Bailey opened several other businesses with her husband, including Run Everything Labs and Flags Nor Fail
  • Bailey created the DLB fitness app and program

Personal Life

Bailey has been married to her husband, Rob Bailey, since 2007. The pair first met in 2000, and, like Bailey, Rob is also a bodybuilder. Rob owns Run Everything Labs, a supplement company that Bailey helps with.

Additionally, Rob also has a job as a music producer. He has collaborated with other artists to create music specifically for working out.

The pair do not have any children together. However, they own a farm with several animals, including goats and dogs.

Interesting Facts

  • In 2019, Bailey revealed that she was suffering from rhabdomyolysis, also known as rhabdo, after pushing her body too hard during a workout. She initially completed an intense workout known as ‘glute-ham developer sit-ups,’ then proceeded to do a CrossFit workout. Five days after this, Bailey began feeling serious pain and visited the hospital, where the doctors diagnosed her with rhabdo. She was able to make a full recovery a few days later (32).
  • Bailey eats a “primarily vegetarian [diet] with very minimal animal source coming from fish only once every other day” (33).
  • Bailey is an avid horserider and regularly posts photos on her Instagram account of her riding horse (34).
  • As a bodybuilder, Bailey is strict with her diet and calorie intake. She often makes videos informing others about ensuring they receive the right nutrients and vitamins (35).


Dana Linn Bailey is a professional bodybuilder and fitness trainer. She has competed as a bodybuilder since 2010 and has won several titles.

She was the first winner of the IFBB’s Ms Olympia competition and established several fitness-related companies with her husband. She has a net worth of approximately $5 million.

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