Chaparro Chuacheneger Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Chaparro Chuacheneger is a comedian, entertainer, and social media star. He is best known for his comedy videos on TikTok, and he has over 3 million followers on this site.

He has collaborated with a few brands on his social media accounts and has a net worth of approximately $300,000.

Net Worth

It is unclear what Chuacheneger’s exact net worth is. However, it is speculated to be around $300,000.

The majority of Chuacheneger’s net worth comes from his social media accounts. On his TikTok account, he has amassed over 6.2 million followers, while on Facebook, he has over 1.8 million followers.

His YouTube account has more than 263 thousand subscribers with 33 million views in total, which has helped to increase his net worth (1).


Chuacheneger does not appear to have any financial interests or investments in any known companies. 


The majority of Chuacheneger’s earnings come from his social media platform. As Chuacheneger is still a relatively new social media star, his earnings from these accounts remain rather low.

One of his YouTube accounts has over 263 thousand subscribers with total views of more than 33.5 million.

Chuacheneger does not appear to have any sponsorships or partners on his YouTube account, meaning that all his earnings from this platform likely come from advertising.

It is unclear how much he makes from his YouTube account, although it is estimated that it may be between $1 to $31 daily or $10 to $219 weekly. This equates to approximately $43 to $938 monthly or roughly $507 to $11,400 for annual earnings from this account (2).

Another of his YouTube accounts has similar statistics, with more than 233 thousand subscribers and over 55 million total views.

As such, the earnings from this account are likely similar to the ones above, putting his total annual earnings from his YouTube accounts at approximately $1014 to $22,800 (3). 

Chuacheneger’s Instagram account is slightly less popular, with only 168 thousand followers. 

The engagement on Chuacheneger’s posts is also rather low, indicating that he likely does not earn a substantial amount from this platform if anything at all (4).

According to other reports, an account of Chuacheneger’s size on Instagram can earn up to $3,517 per month. However, this is unlikely for Chuacheneger, given his low engagement (5).

Currently, Chuacheneger’s sole partnerships on the platform have been with the food truck company Tacos La Norteñita. It is unknown how much Chuacheneger earned from this partnership (6).

However, according to speculation, food trucks in major cities of the United States can earn between $20,000 to $50,000 in revenue per month.

For those in smaller cities, the revenue is approximately $5000 to $16,000 (7). As such, any earnings he received from this partnership deal would have been substantially lower than these figures. 

Chuacheneger’s TikTok account is easily his most popular social media platform, with more than 6.2 million followers and 39.9 million likes (8). 

It is unknown how much Chuacheneger earns from his TikTok account. 

However, the site does offer earnings to its users aged 18 or older with more than 10,000 followers and 100,000 monthly views. According to some reports, those in the TikTok Creator Fund can earn anywhere between $0.02 and $0.04 once their videos receive at least 1000 views (9).

Given that Chuacheneger’s videos range between 400 thousand to 9 million views, this means that he could potentially earn between $8 to $360 for some of his videos. 

In 2022, Chuacheneger collaborated with the telecommunications company Sin Pin and began promoting the app on his Facebook. It is unclear how much he earned from this collaboration (10).

According to some speculation, the company is rumoured to have annual revenue of approximately $4.936 million per year, suggesting that any earnings Chuacheneger may have received would have been substantial (11).

Chuacheneger has also begun doing live shows, though his earnings from these are unknown.

For one of his upcoming shows, a live comedy show with another comedian, tickets are approximately $200 in Chuacheneger’s native Mexican dollars. This is approximately $10 in United States dollars (12).

Real Estate

Chuacheneger currently lives in Monterrey, Mexico, although his exact address is unclear. It is also unknown if he lives in an apartment or house, as well as if he owns his property or not.

Early Life

Chuacheneger was born in Monterrey, Mexico, at some point in 1985. He has kept the majority of his private life secret, so his parents’ names and jobs are both unknown.

According to some reports, Chuacheneger has Aztec ancestry, indicating that his parents came from South America or Mexico. Additionally, it is unclear if he completed high school or if he went on to study at university.

His birth name is Alejandro Rodríguez; however, at some point, he began using the stage name Chaparro Chuacheneger instead. 


In 2017, Chuacheneger created his YouTube account and first began posting videos in the same year. Originally, his videos covered a variety of topics, some of which were humourous and some that were more serious in nature. 

However, in 2018, Chuacheneger began focusing solely on humorous content, and he began posting a wide variety of comedic videos.

This included singing videos, where he covered popular Latin American songs, as well as more slapstick videos and memes. Several of his videos satirised popular events, including those in politics. 

Before creating a YouTube account, Chuacheneger also made an Instagram account when the site first began to gain popularity in 2013.

However, Chuacheneger did not receive much attention on the site until 2017, during the time his YouTube account became more popular, too. 

He began posting several memes of himself, and his unique looks soon went viral.

One of Chuacheneger’s most popular jokes revolves around him claiming that he cannot work, stating that he doesn’t “want to be handsome anymore” (13).

In February 2019, Chuacheneger created a Facebook account, and as of 2022, he has more than 1.9 million followers on this platform. However, he has not completed the verification process for the page, indicating that he is currently unable to earn any revenue from it.

In 2020, Chuacheneger partnered with the San Antonio-based food truck company Tacos La Norteñita. As part of this partnership deal, Chuacheneger posted a humorous video to his social media accounts, promoting the company and claiming that he “approves” of their tacos (14).

In 2022, Chuacheneger was featured in the music video for the song Donde Estas by Raul Olimon R’s Y Su Banda Mazatlence. 

Although it is unclear how much he earned from this appearance, the video currently has over 1 million views on YouTube, indicating he may have received a portion of the video’s revenue.

In the same year, Chuacheneger also began holding ‘meet and greets,’ where fans could come to visit Chuacheneger and take a photo with him. 

Chuacheneger swiftly became a household name in Mexico, later becoming popular across other parts of Latin America, like Peru. He began performing live shows with other comedians, such as Alex Salas. 

Career Highlights

  • In 2017, Chuacheneger began posting to his YouTube account and, the following year, focused solely on humorous content
  • Chuacheneger went viral in 2018 for his memes and unique appearance
  • In 2020, Chuacheneger partnered with the San Antonio food truck company, Tacos La Norteñita
  • In 2022, Chuacheneger featured in the music video for Donde Estas
  • In 2022, Chuacheneger began performing live shows
  • He has over 6.2 million followers on TikTok, 1.8 million followers on Facebook, and approximately a combined total of 500,000 subscribers on YouTube 

Personal Life

Chuacheneger has kept details about his personal life relatively private. He has not given any information regarding his relationship status, his family, or any possible children that he has. However, he does regularly post pictures on Instagram of himself with several other women, claiming that they are his girlfriends. This is likely a joke.

Interesting Facts

  • Chuacheneger is a fan of the Mexican singer Valdo Garza, according to his likes on Facebook (15).
  • In 2022, a man from Mexico, Jonathan Sinarahua, made headlines in Peru after people noted the similarities in appearance between Sinarahua and Chuacheneger (16). Chuacheneger responded humorously to the comparison, stating, “there are already two of us in the world, a Peruvian and a Mexican” (17).
  • Chuacheneger jokingly referred to Colombian singer-songwriter Shakira as his girlfriend on social media (18).
  • In 2021, Chuacheneger appeared at the Atlantic City Latino Festival (19).


Chaparro Chuacheneger is a Mexican comedian and social media star. He is most famous for his humourous videos that satirise current events, as well as his memes.

He has over 3 million followers on his TikTok account, as well as a combined total of approximately 500,000 subscribers on his YouTube account. Chuacheneger has a net worth of approximately $300,000.

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