Alice Klomp Net Worth (Updated 2022)

Alice Klomp is a fitness instructor and social media influencer. She has collaborated with several brands to promote fitness accessories like My Protein.

She first gained prominence after uploading fitness and workout routines to Instagram. Klomp is the owner of Pineapple Brat Inc and has a net worth of approximately $600,000.

NameAlice Rebecca Klomp (Alice Klomp)
Date of Birth:January 22nd, 1998 (24 years old)
Place of Birth:East Lansing, Michigan
Height:5 feet 9 inches (1.72 meters)
Profession:Fitness instructor, influencer
Marital Status:In a relationship
Parents:Denise Klomp (mother), father’s name unknown
Net Worth Estimate:$600,000

Net Worth

It is unclear what Klomp’s exact net worth is. However, it is speculated to be around $600,000.

Most of Klomp’s earnings come from her social media following, as she reportedly has over 7 million followers across her platforms.

Additionally, Klomp was the director of her former company, Pineapplebrat LLC, and is the current owner of the rebranding organization, Pineapple Brat Inc (1). These have both contributed to increasing her net worth. 

Klomp has partnered with various other companies, including My Protein, GENFLOW, and Women’s Best. These have helped to raise Klomp’s net worth (2).


Klomp was previously the director for Pineapplebrat LLC. As the company is a private organization, it is unclear how much revenue the business has generated. In 2020, the company was dissolved for unknown reasons (3).

Klomp currently holds the position of president, treasurer, secretary, and director of Pineapple Brat Inc. In 2021, Klomp did complete the organization’s annual report, indicating that it at least generated some revenue.

However, the company’s exact revenue and valuation are currently private. Pineapple Brat Inc. has 60,000 authorized shares, indicating that the business may be later open for investment (4). 

Klomp runs a fitness challenge and app as part of her Pineapple Brat brand. 

It is unclear how much Klomp earns directly from the app, although she offers membership for $14.99 a month or $99.99 for a yearly membership.

As part of the competition, Klomp offers some contestants cash prizes. The first is $750, the second is $500, and the third is $250, totalling $1500. This indicates that the company’s revenues are at least higher than this figure for 6 weeks (5).


Before working full-time as a fitness instructor, Klomp worked as a salon receptionist at an unknown venue. Her salary in this position is unknown. Klomp also worked as a leasing agent, teaching assistant, and locker room attendant (6).

Although it is unknown how much she earned in these positions, she has since stated that she struggled financially during this time. Klomp stated that she was earning around “$1200 a month,” though this figure may be a generalization (7).

Klomp previously worked as a brand ambassador for the organization Women’s Best. It is unclear how much she earned for this position (8). However, Women’s Best is speculated to have an approximate annual revenue of $65 million (9).

According to speculation, brand ambassadors can earn between $2,700 to $3,840 for a 6-month contract (10). As Klomp partnered with Women’s Best for 11 months, her earnings likely far exceeded this figure (11).

Klomp has also previously spoken about being offered a branding deal worth $10,000 for promoting some fake AirPods on her Snapchat story. Klomp rejected the sponsorship, which indicates that she may receive similar earnings for other brand deals (12).

Following this, Klomp worked as a content creator for GENFLOW. 

Similarly, it is unknown exactly how much she earned in this position (13). However, a similar job, a Creator Manager, earns between $91,906 to $125,298 in Beverly Hills, so Klomp’s earnings were possibly similar to these figures (14).

Klomp is currently a brand ambassador with MyProtein, with this partnership first beginning in 2020. Since Klomp has held this position for over two years, her earnings will likely exceed those above for Women’s Best (15). 

Klomp has released one clothing and nutrition collection with MyProtein.

The exact revenue from this collection is unclear, as well as how much of the collection’s proceeds go to Klomp. However, the company’s overall web sales are estimated to be approximately $297 million (16).

Klomp is also part of the roster of talent with MN2S, a music talent and agency. It is unclear how much she receives in earnings from this company, although it appears to be part of an event-by-event basis (17).

Real Estate

Klomp’s address is currently unknown, although it is speculated to be near Traverse City, Michigan (18). The median listing price for homes in this area is approximately $499,000, or roughly $274 per square foot (19).

Early Life

Klomp was born in East Lansing, Michigan, on January 22nd, 1998. Her mother’s name is Denise, although her father’s name is unknown. Both of her parents’ jobs are also unknown.

At some point, Klomp’s family moved to Fraser, Michigan, where Klomp grew up.

Although her final grades and graduation year are unknown, she graduated high school. However, Klomp was not originally interested in exercise and fitness but decided to pursue a career in design instead.

She later began attending Michigan State University and graduated in an unknown year. Her final grade is also unknown, although she graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and Advertisement.


During her time at university, Klomp began uploading videos to her Instagram account, where she showed off her workout routine. 

However, before working in fitness as her main job, Klomp held several other jobs. Some included a locker room attendant, leasing agent, teaching assistant, and salon receptionist.

Klomp has stated that, originally, the only reason she worked as a locker room attendant was to get a free gym membership worth $80.

Klomp has stated that she had many financial difficulties during this time, saying that she “was living in a 400 sq foot apartment that had half a stove, ceiling leaks, a broken dishwasher, no central air, no washer and dryer.”

She also stated that she “was spending $800 a month on rent alone, and making $1200 a month, while $50,000 in debt from school” (20).

Eventually, Klomp began gaining more recognition for these videos and created a YouTube profile for further exposure.

 In particular, she posted a ‘transformation picture’ in 2017, which soon gained many likes and brought traction to her account. In the same year, Klomp received a certification that allowed her to become a personal trainer full-time.

By 2019, Klomp had begun to make enough money from her branding deals and social media accounts to support herself. 

Between August 2018 and July 2019, Klomp worked as a Brand Ambassador for the women’s fitness company Women’s Best. It is unclear what this job involved specifically. However, Klomp was likely tasked with promoting the brand’s products.

Following this, Klomp worked for the creative brand GENFLOW as a content creator between March 2019 and November 2021.

The organization helped Klomp to develop her brand identity and style. 

In 2019, Klomp established her own company, PineappleBrat LLC. However, for unknown reasons, she dissolved the company the following year before establishing a new company in 2020. This company, Pineapple Brat Inc, is still active. Through the brand, Klomp released her app and workout regime, which regularly runs throughout the year with specific challenges.

Eventually, in July 2020, Klomp became a brand ambassador for the fitness brand, My Protein. In 2021, Klomp partnered with the company to release a collection of clothing and nutritional products. She remains an ambassador for the company to this day.

Career Highlights

  • She worked as a locker room attendant, leasing agent, teaching assistant, and salon receptionist
  • Klomp created an Instagram account and posted photos of her weight loss journey, which gained lots of traction
  • In 2017, Klomp gained certification to be a fitness instructor
  • Between 2018 and 2019, Klomp was a brand ambassador for Women’s Best
  • Between 2019 and 2021, Klomp was a content creator for GENFLOW
  • Since 2020, Klomp has been a brand ambassador for MyProtein
  • Klomp established Pineapple Brat Inc in 2020

Personal Life

Klomp is currently in a relationship with Alex Bozinovoski, a bodybuilder. The two have been together since 2017, although the exact details regarding how they met are currently unknown.

It is rumored that their pair’s interest in fitness and attending Michigan State University led to the pair getting together. The pair currently live together with their dog.

Interesting Facts

  • Klomp’s username on social media, ‘PineappleBrat,’ comes from the name of her favourite fruit. Klomp has a pineapple tattoo on her upper thigh and claims it helps to remind her that she has been blessed with good health (21).
  • Some of Klomp’s favourite sportspeople include Bret Contreras, Katy Hearn, and Cass Martin. She has spoken about working with Martin as a “surreal experience,” as Klomp was originally a fan of Martin before the pair collaborated (22).
  • Klomp’s favourite band is Grouplove (23).
  • Klomp has spoken about feeling “harassed” on social media by men asking her to post more explicit photographs. Klomp has publicly expressed feeling “uncomfortable” about receiving negative comments about her body (24).


Alice Klomp is a fitness instructor and social media influencer. She is best known for posting photos of her weight loss journey and instructional videos about working out.

Klomp owns her brand, Pineapple Brat Inc, and has partnered with several companies. She has a net worth of approximately $600,000.

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